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ARDC: results of election in regional development centres do not surprise

Results of 3-th of June elections in represented municipalities in the Association of Regional Development Centres do not surprise – parties previously being in power have won in absolutely biggest part of the ARDC municipalities. Therefore, it is forecasted that in most cases previous chairs of province councils will remain in office.

“The fact that population mostly voted for the same political forces that have previously run provinces, witnesses that in general previous province leaders have worked well. On municipal elections, unlike the Parliament elections, population choice is usually more predictable. I can hardly imagine that new, not known to anyone, leaders can suddenly emerge in small municipalities, who would captivate people by loud speeches and promises ungrounded in real life. If people feel that local authorities care for their interests, for improvement of the environment and infrastructure, solving social problems, they would rather be inclined to stick to proven values, and not to experiment,” admits Chairman of the ARDC Board, Chair of Valka Province Council Vents Armands Krauklis.

Association of Regional Development Centres (ARDC) was established in 2015. It unites 21 Latvian provinces defined in the National Development Plan as regional development centres, in order to provide for cooperation of their members in forming a joint opinion on development, legal and other common matters and for representation of their members in relations with private and public institutions at national and international level.


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